Open plan office solutions

Work Desks

  • bench workstations in shared spaces
  • sit-stand operational desks
  • hotdesks and touch down place
  • co-working desk solutions

NoS  modular desk system

New from Guialmi NOS has been developed to maximise scope in co-working spaces. Designed by Favaretto and Partners the NoS system sees the revival of inverted T-shaped legs, which lighten the appearance of the modular structures and allows the workstations to grow organically.

L-System workstation

Bench workstations, Individual Office, Hotdesks this ever popular and versatile range is applicable is all office spaces.


Electrical or mechanical desk height adjustment. For individual desks or open plan combined with acoustic screens.

NEA Desk Range

Shown combined with ALUDI and SISTEMA Floor screens, with full cable management through the frames and excellent finish range.


For focus, collaborative and workshop areas within the office environment.

Zones is a comprehensive series of furniture products including seating, tables, screens, easels and accessories, as well as semi-private enclosures which can act either as an intimate collaborative setting or as a place of retreat when privacy is desired. Zones breadth of offering across multiple workplace categories with a consistent design language makes it unique.


As work environments become increasingly dynamic and wider, they also become noisier and colder. Naturally, there must be a balance in everything, and individuality and privacy must continue to be valued in the new layouts of modern offices.Plug fits in to fast-paced office spaces offering privacy and soundproofing.
Plug is a modular panel system that allows the construction of several layouts, from to small island solutions for individual to collaborative work. And more, the unique linking brackets enable easy add-on to the system and to grow as needed.

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